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The Ripeness of Time An Epic of Man in Four Volumes or The Four Books of Man Book One The Beginning

Origin of The Ripeness of Time


Many people believe humanity is now at, or soon will reach, a critical crossroads. At least six thousand years of civilization having passed and nonetheless we remain the exact same creatures we have always been, a fact bearing ominous implications. Hence: The Ripeness of Time An Epic of Man in Four Volumes or The Four Books of Man. A work years in the making and unlike any other.

Set in our near future, the date is 2059 CE. Less than half a century away. Humankind, consumed with greed and selfishness, ruled by materialism, awash in anxiety and lies, beset by violence and vanity, buried in corruption and crime, while tormented still by all the larger unanswered questions of life. The Ripeness of Time takes aim at this reality, initiating a remarkable journey of thought and sweeping mankind along on a sensational and unimaginable adventure beyond all prior.

Written for a global audience, The Ripeness of Time is a masterpiece of speculative fiction. Far more than just a set of novels, it is, in addition, a portrait of a much larger and deeper nature. An unparalleled account of our age and an existential tour de force. A fearless description of our modern world. A compelling---and cautionary---narrative of our lives. Current, past, and future.

The Ripeness of Time. A magnum opus in four volumes. Utterly original. Entirely unprecedented. Uniquely inspired. As entertaining and influential a work as you will ever experience.  Read it and you will never see our species in quite the same way again.  Purposely published independently, Book One of this incredible tetralogy available now at the Amazon Kindle Store.