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A Letter to the Census Bureau

Steven Dillingham


U.S. Census Bureau

4600 Silver Hill Road 

Washington, D.C. 20233


     Re:  2020 Census ("Census")


Dear Mr. Dillingham:


     Americans are in receipt of your Census, as well as your ever more shrill and threatening demands that we complete and return such to you.  As you may be aware, the Census contains a number of offensive and inappropriate questions, including those pertaining to "race."


     We do not know whether you, during the course of your life, have practiced any independent thought or otherwise developed any critical thinking skills, or are in the slightest enlightened (one's formal education with respect to the instant issue is, unfortunately, of little relevance), but allow us to inform you that the antiquated concept of "race" (viz, thinking in terms of skin color) is strictly a human invention---repeat:  invention---created by some of the dumbest, most dangerous, and otherwise lowest-IQ humans in history.  An excellent synopsis of such is contained in the recent literary work, The Ripeness of Time An Epic of Man in Four Volumes or The Four Books of Man Book One The Beginning, which we commend to your reading.


     As "race" is exclusively a construct of the most obtuse and ignorant among Homo sapiens, so, therefore, singularly vile is the derivative practice of racism (viz, acting evilly in terms of skin color).  It is to the great misfortune of the world that this form of human malevolence continues to be carried out and perpetuated by profane clowns and other examples of the absolute worst of the species.


     With respect to the law of this particular nation, its highest such is the Constitution, which we also commend to your reading.  Its First Amendment prescribes freedom of speech, which is itself predicated on absolute unfettered freedom of thought.  Given such, there is and can exist no law that requires citizens to think in terms of "race"; i.e., to conform their thinking to such a twisted and otherwise perverted, nonsensical and openly discriminatory idea to begin with.  Stated differently, the law does not require anyone to think stupidly.  (If you yourself choose to do so, that is your problem.)  Hence, your questions demanding that Americans do are illegal ab initio---null and void.  Such must immediately be removed from your Census and an apology issued to all citizens for the unlawful and inflammatory inclusion thereof.


     Finally, you may be interested to know that, in the years ahead, individuals who cause to continue the asinine idea of "race," enabling thus the bane of racism, will find themselves very lonely and unhappy people.  While racists, of course, will be treated as their poison views demand:  incarceration or exile.





                                                        American citizens 

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