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A Reminder

A Brief History of America

     White Founder:  "Good news!  I'm starting a new country."
     Asylum Psychiatrist:  "Where?"
     "A new piece of land I found."
     "It's just sitting empty?"
     "Oh no.  There are red people on it now, but I intend to kill them all."
     "And then what?"
     "I'm going to build on it."
     "By yourself?"
     "Of course not!  I'll steal black people and chain them together, make them do it." 
     "What if there aren't enough?"
     "Well, in that case I'll trick destitute brown people, pay them slave wages while demonizing them as illegals."  The White Founder smiled broadly at his plan.  "So what do you think?" he asked.
     "I think you're going to have problems."
 © 2020 Kyle Doda

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